Great things are coming. Change is in the air.

It’s the perfect time of year to rethink and refresh! Here at Curry’s, we are starting with redesigning our website. For a long time, we’ve felt that our teas have outgrown their home at Curry’s. From a product line starting with 4 tea blends – Masala Chai, Lavender Orange, Fennel Vanilla, and Chocolate Orange – we have now grown to a catalog of over 60 teas! It’s time for our teas to have a new home, with their own brand name: ASSAMICA TEAS, while Curry’s will remain home to our whole spices, spice blends, and spice-infused products like ghee butter.

A lot of our customers have also asked about online sales for some time now and we will finally be adding an online catalog and accepting orders in the new year. But don’t worry – our TEA & SPICE store is not going anywhere! You will still be able to relax in our Lounge and sip a cup of fresh brewed tea.

We would also like to take this time to thank each of our customers, supporters, and well-wishers for a great year together. Here’s to many more!


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